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It’s amazing how intimidating a blank box can be. Waiting to receive whatever musings my mind manages to eek out these days.

I have no idea how all of the bells and whistles on this blog work yet, but be patient with me it will eventually be passable.

Things I plan to write about: (Not in any particular order)

Journey through the fog; Five months of my life in a rocking, unsteady, cognitive fog & how I am still fighting to come back

My Pathway to Purpose; God’s purpose for my life and how He led me to find it

Life happenings; My amazing family & friends that God has blessed me with

Life applications; Sometimes stuff hits you square in the forehead and you want to share it with everyone

Crafty stuff; Cards mostly, I love to create cards for others and I will share them here

Anything else that floats my boat………..


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